Reinventing Project-Based Learning... In Music!


Krista Easton - music teacher who wants to change the world (a mind at a time)
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PBL: "What's the Big Idea?"

In short, the big idea is to put discovery and learning into the hands of our students. By trusting that we are all born with an innate desire to learn about the world, by recognizing that students' interests will undoubtedly lead them to worthwhile subject matter, and by inviting the skills and technology our students already own into our classroom, we can re-think what music class can and should look like in public schools.

This Wiki will serve as an aid as like-minded teachers collaborate in the design of project-based lessons and units. As we venture forth, we will put ourselves in the shoes of our students, imagining the questions they would ask to help us make sure our lessons and projects have relevance and meaning in their lives: "Who cares about this? Who does it touch?" If we do our job well, we will provide questions and opportunities that motivate and excite our students, who will then connect what they do with the world outside of school, whether through local venues or the virtual community.

Above all, we want to give our students a sense of "authentic purpose", and the satisfaction of doing real work that matters in our world, and theirs. And, as teachers, we will adopt the habits of mind of a curious learner, digging deep and asking questions, while maintaining a keen eye on opportunities for learning along the way as we guide our students on the path of their own discoveries. And who knows? Maybe we'll even be curious about finding out something new because of what our students introduced to us!

An Introduction to Project Based Learning (from Edutopia)