How can we use the ways popular musicians learn to make ourselves better musicians?
How could the processes that popular musicians use help us?
What do I need to know to become a better musician?

What important and enduring concepts are fundamental to music (in guitar class)?
  1. Striving for Accuracy and Precision.... they want to get good at playing their instruments
  2. Collaboration and Thinking Interdependently... learning from others, discovering new ways to problem solve, making music together
  3. Learning Continuously.... life long learning/residual effects
  4. Using Digital Tools... building new learning over prior knowledge with multimedia tools... Tools for learning, recording, reflecting, communicating, research, and exhibition.

What will students know or be able to do as a result of learning this way?
Students will be able to discover how to play guitar on their own using the following resources:
  1. Their own ears, listening to a CD of authentic performance
  2. Other student's prior knowledge
  3. Group problem solving skills
  4. Internet resources such as tablature, videos, lyric sheets, chord charts, etc.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will know how to use different kinds of technology to problem solve and learn something new.
  2. Students will use different kinds of technology to record and exhibit the learning process.
  3. Students will be able to listen to their own performances during the process, to be able to reflect, evaluate, and come up with action plans to improve their playing.
  4. Students will be able to communicate and collaborate with others.

Why do these concepts matter? Why are they important?
Without having asked them directly what they hope to learn from this class, I can't be sure if these concepts are important to my students. But I'm taking an educated guess that the students who signed up for guitar class not only want to learn how to play, but want to learn how to play music they already know and like. Both of these are intrinsic motivating factors that I think are ingredients for success in learning in friendship groups (like rock bands do in the real world).

What aspects of these topics will interest your students?
I predict that my students will be excited about being allowed and encouraged to use their own mobile devices, as well as other types of recording devices (cameras, microphones, video cameras), and then extending their knowledge by requiring them to exhibit both the process and the product of their group efforts through blogs, vlogs, or youtube videos (or some combination of them).

I also anticipate a lot of shared learning between all of us when it comes to the technology pieces, which I think will translate beautifully to the ideas of 'exploration' stations that will then serve as places for us to revisit throughout the project. Hopefully, the creativity and innovation part of it will also appeal to them, as it is not only fun but a source of pride once something new has been created.

How will you "hook" them in the beginning? (create an entree...)
Using the Pandora website, students will create stations based on their favorite bands as an individual homework (or in-class) project. They will use listening logs to make a record of how much time was spent listening, which songs and bands were suggested, which ones the liked, skipped, or didn't like, etc. Their goal is to find a song or band that was previously unknown to them that they would like to learn how to play. ...