REMINDER: Assesment should use Criteria based on Learning Goals

Multimedia Presentation Checklist: PBL

Evaluations for Project Learning

from Musical Futures

Evaluation #1: Providing a "Before & After" picture for each individual
Evaluation #2: End-of-Project Evaluation (to be adapted for specific use)

Blog Entries:

Their blog will serve, in large part, as the exhibition for their learning process. Students will be given regular prompts to respond to as homework or in class. Students will use NUMU as a collaborative site to blog, upload music and videos, and communicate with other musicians around the world.

Daily Journals:

At the end of each class (or each time at a station), do a quick self evaluation.
  • "What did I spend most of my time doing here today?"
  • "What have I learned?"
  • "What frustrations am I having?"
  • "How well did my team work together to accomplish our task?"

Accuracy & Precision

  1. Students determine their personal criteria for success based on their current proficiency
  2. Students choose at least one personal goal for improving their accuracy/precision/skill
  3. Weekly cards to fill out to track their personal progress (or journals after certain "stations")

Teamwork & Communication

  • Informal, daily assesment by the teacher as she rotates through the groups, observing and offering feedback when needed as students navigate how to work in groups
  • Blog prompts about their group experiences, personal involvement, team work
  • Self-evaluations (daily?)

Chekpoint Evaluations

  • Self-evaluation rubric on how well students believe they are meeting class goals

Using Digital Tools

  • Specific predetermined parameters... "Students will have at least one audio recording, one video recording, x amount of blog entries, etc..."
  • Assesment built into the overall Exhibition? (minimum requirements)

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving/Work Ethic

  • Simple in-class checkpoint self-evaluation? (borrow from Phil)